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100 years agoChristmas card from PPM Bombay 1917IP205133
132 used at AdenStanley Gray, letter IP16260
132 used in Indiaand AdenJerone Hart, letter IP160136
132 used in Indiaand AdenEdward B Proud, letter IP16111
14as airmail envelope overprinted Pakistan - essay or error?IP150141
14as airmail envelopeoverprinted Pakistan an essay or error?Arif Balgamwala IP14858
16/6 and the aftermaththe Guru Granth Sahib stampDr RS & Dr KS GandhiIP16418
1837 Postage ActAmendment for State Govt posts, 1839IP28-2992
1837 Postage ActAvoidance by State & private postsIP28-2992
1846-67 B. P. P Stampsof IndiaDerek Hammond Giles IP7249
1846-67 B. P. P. stampsof IndiaMurray GrahamIP74114
1846-67 B.P.P. stampsof IndiaErnest G OehmeIP70149
1846-67 B.P.P. stampsof IndiaDerek Hammond Giles IP7380
1854 Essays, Proofsand Reprints, display by James Spence, Jan 1968MeetingIP822
1854 Four Annas constant plate flaw varietyMarkand D DaveIP179285
1854 half annadisplay by James Spence to ISC Manchester 1967MeetingIP463
1854 issue 2as on ONE ANAwatermarked paper: display to ISC by Markand Dave, Melbourne Apr 2017MeetingIP205137
1854 issue One AnnaMuneer-ud-Deen guide dotsFTRIP21436
1854 lithographed stamps: numbers printed Col DR MartinIP1067
1854 Two annastypographed stamps on One Anna paper, another addendumMarkand Dave, letterIP178190

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