Auction 223 is up…India Post 222, Vol 56/1 has been uploaded…


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21st April 2022: LATEST NEWS

  • The complete list of Award Winners in the LONDON2022 International Competitive Exhibition, including titles of their entries, may be accessed via the ‘ISC Members’ Awards’ button on the ‘Gallery’ page. This page also contains the list of award winners from the earlier SEAPEX 2021 meeting, both the in-person and virtual competitions, together with the titles of the entries.

  • A select band of 11 ISC members, plus one guest, enjoyed the local Display Meeting hosted by Terry Hare-Walker in Solihull on Monday 28th March. Displays were given by Tom George (‘The India 1981 Simulated Perforation Officials Issue’, ‘Indian Active Service Envelopes’ and ‘Convention States Postal Stationery – Gwalior’), Terry Hare-Walker (‘The Empire Airmail Scheme’ and ‘The 1854-55 India 4 Annas Lithographed Stamps’), Owen Heathcote (‘The 1921 KGV NINE PIES on ½ Anna Surcharges’), Adrian Kemmenoe (‘Jaipur State T.P.O. Markings), our guest Laurence Kimpton (‘Early Indian Airmails’), Phill Olds (‘States Stamps pot pourri’), Mike Siverns (‘American Army POs in India’), Max Smith (‘Early Mails via the Cape of Good Hope’) and Eric Winter (‘Indian International Postcards’).

  • The next local ISC Display Meeting will be hosted by Max Smith at Eldwick on Saturday 9th July.

  • The ISC is organizing a visit to the Philatelic Collections of the British Library in St. Pancras, the first ISC visit since 1966, on Thursday 27th or Friday 28th October (date to be confirmed).

  • Auction 222 closed on 2nd April 2022. It consisted of 1135 lots, of which 625 (55%) were sold. The few lots of 1854 Indian stamps sold well, with the auction’s star lot being an 1854 four annas with a ‘Jurruck’ cancel; later QV material was less in demand. There were several lots of panes/ blocks of ‘Service’ and ‘IPN’ which all sold at high asking prices. Indian covers of all reigns were generally popular, many realising prices well above estimate, although postcards were not in such demand. Literature lots, including old auction catalogues, were fairly popular but most did not attract high prices. Convention States sales were patchy but there were reasonable sales of Bamra and Bundi, although sales of Bhopal Service issues, Cochin, Hyderabad and Jaipur were poor. There were eight high value lots that each consisted of a J&K stamp with a RPS or BPA certificate, only three of which found a buyer. Once again, fiscals and stamp papers were generally very popular. For members, actual realisations may be found in the Auction 222 list, which is now in the ‘Auction Archive’.


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