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6th June 2022: LATEST NEWS

  • On Saturday 28th May, the first of a new series of ISC Zoom Display Meetings took place, organized by Sandeep Jaiswal and Paul Allen. The main displays were given by Madhukar Jhingan (“My Stamps” of India, The Personalized and Customized Stamps of India), Srinivas Prava (Charkhari – 1931 Pictorial Issues) and Apratim Bhattachayra (Revisiting the ‘Service’ Overprints on the 1948 Stamps of Gandhi), with discussion sessions before and afterwards. A total of 54 members and 10 guests attended; the guests were present due to the Committee’s recent decision that members could invite friends and family.

  • ISC members will be attending the International Exhibitions in Toronto (CAPEX 2022) in June and Cape Town (IPEX2022) and Monaco (MONACOPHIL 2022) in November.

  • The next local ISC Display Meeting will be hosted by Max Smith at Eldwick, Yorkshire, on Saturday 9th July.

  • Preparations are continuing for the ISC visit to the Philatelic Collections of the British Library in St. Pancras, London, in October, the first ISC visit since 1966.

  • The current ISC Auction (no. 223) will close on 8th July. Please note that you must be an ISC member to participate in these quarterly auctions, so why not apply to join now? Submit the form behind the ‘Apply to join here’ button, above.


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