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4th August 2022: LATEST NEWS

  • Two further ISC Zoom Display Meetings organized by Sandeep Jaiswal and Paul Allen took place on Saturdays 25th June and 28th July. The former featured displays by Jimmy Kapadia (“IEF Stamps used in Mafia Island”), Markand Dave (“The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India”) and Eric Winter (“Queen Victoria Official Postcards of India”), the latter by Thomas Puthanangady (“The Story of the First Travancore Postal Stationery Card”), Ravi Vora (“International Mail of Independent India”) and Sandeep Jaiswal (“Bahawalpur Philately – Part 1”). Recordings of Zoom displays are uploaded to the website for ISC Members to access.

  • The visit of ISC members to the Philatelic Collections of the British Library in St. Pancras, London, in October, the first ISC visit since 1966, will take place on Thursday 27th October and the display is expected to include the Burnett Collection of Hyderabad and the Tapling Collection

  • ISC members will be attending the International Exhibitions in Cape Town (IPEX2022) and Monaco (MONACOPHIL 2022) in November

  • Work has also been going on behind the scenes for some time with the aim of re-creating the ISC’s UK Circulation Packet, for which the Committee has given approval. Further information will be publicised when the details have been finalized

  • ISC Auction no. 223 closed on 8th July; 591 (56%) of the 1050 lots were sold. Auction no. 224 has recently been launched

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