ISC Members’ Awards


May 06 - May 07, 2023
Juzar NoorbhaiThe English Sun Cancellations of Jaipur State 1936-1954Vermeil Medal


May 05 - May 07, 2023
Apratim BhattacharyaEndgame of Indian Revolutionary Freedom Movement During World War 2Multi-Frame Gold Medal + ISC 2nd Best Multi-frame Exhibit
Sandeep JaiswalDhar PhilatelyMulti-Frame Large Gold Medal + ISC Best Multi-Frame Exhibit
Sandeep JaiswalBritish India – King George VI Postal StationeryMulti-Frame Gold Medal + American Philatelic Society Medal of Excellence, 1940-1980
Sandeep JaiswalThe Dagger Issues of BundiSingle-Frame Large Gold Medal + Single Frame Grand – ISC Best Single Frame Exhibit – Errors, Freaks, Oddities Collectors’ Club First Place
Sandeep JaiswalBahawalpur During Its 50-Day Period As A Sovereign NationSingle-Frame Large Gold Medal
Sandeep JaiswalQueen Victoria Postal StationeryNon-competitive Exhibit
Thomas PuthanangadyTravancore Postal Stationery 1888-1948Multi-Frame Gold Medal
John WarrenThe Indian Feudatory State of JindMulti-Frame Vermeil Medal


February 19 - February 26, 2022
Paul Allen (USA)Victoria Outgoing Indian Mail from October 1854 to July 1878Gold
Akthem Al-Manaseer (USA)In British Occupation Provisionals, BaghdadGold
Edouardo Barreiros (Portugal)Portugal and Colonies Large Gold
Edouardo Barreiros (Portugal)Portuguese India Large Gold
Markand Dave (India)The 1929 Air Mail Stamps of IndiaLarge Vermeil
Markand Dave (India)Rocket Mails of IndiaLarge Vermeil
Markand Dave (India)The 1929 Air Mail Stamps of India (literature)Large Silver
Markand Dave (India)The Royal Philatelic Society (literature)Silver
Madhukar Deogawanka (India)Indian Stamp Booklets (literature)Gold
Chaitanya Dev (India)Stamps of French India (literature)Vermeil
Kapil Gogri (India)Souvenir & Catalogue Silver
Pradip Jain (India)King George V Issues of IndiaLarge Vermeil
Pradip Jain (India)England-India-Australia, Ross Smith & BeyondLarge Vermeil
Pragya Jain (India)A Study of the First Issues of India (1852-1854)Gold
Thomas Johansen (UAE)Muscat 1864 to 1948Large Gold
Akihiko Kiowa (Japan)Indian CampaignsGold/Certificate of Participation
K Mohan (India)Study of the Service Stamps of CochinLarge Silver
Shanti Swarup Rath (India)Beyond The StripesLarge Silver
Anil Reddy (India)HologramsSilver Bronze
Gautam Rohatgi (India)Ikanni Tales Vermeil
Narendar Saboo (India)Portuguese India Silver
Ian Sadler (Australia)Japanese Conquest and Defeat in WWIILarge Vermeil
Andres Schlichter (Argentina)Mail in Punta Arenas Chile up to 1945Gold
Vijay Shukla (Australia)India Vermeil
Björn Sohrne (Sweden)Persian and Russian Interpostal Relations 1850s-1926Large Gold
Anil Suri (India)Fiscals of CochinCertificate of Participation

Virtual SEAPEX2021 (Regional Exhibition) AWARD WINNERS

September 24 - September 26, 2021
Tushar Deshpande (India)Elephantnama – The Elephant ChroniclesLarge Vermeil Medal
Chandrajit Ghose (India)1854 – India First Issue of Half Anna and One AnnaLarge Vermeil Medal + American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence pre-1900
Chandrajit Ghose (India)FIFA World CupSilver Medal
Chandrajit Ghose (India)Modern Summer OlympicsSilver-Bronze Medal
Chandrajit Ghose (India)Bi-centennial Celebration of USA Independence in 1976 on First Day Covers OnlySilver-Bronze Medal
Kailash Chandra Gupta (India)Elephants Gentle Giants of Versatile ImportanceVermeil Medal + American Topical Association 3rd Award
Sandeep Jaiswal (USA)India – King Edwaed VII UPU Postcards and their UsageLarge Gold Medal
Sandeep Jaiswal (USA)The ‘Numerals’ Issue of CochinGold Medal
Zubin Rustam Kabraji (India)The Bombay-Aden Seapost Office Service – Postmarks and ShipsVermeil Medal
Jagannath Mani (India)The Images of Summer OlympicsLarge Silver Medal + Sports Philately International Best in Show multi-frame exhibit + Sports Philately International Best in Show – novice
Daniel Monteiro (India)PEACOCK – The King of FeathersLarge Silver Medal + Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award
K. Sridhar (India)The Candle on the WaterLarge Silver Medal
Capt. Vijay Wadhwa (India)Pennywise…Coinage of the WorldLarge Vermeil Medal + American Topical Association 2nd Award
Capt. Vijay Wadhwa (India)Evolve – A Beak at EvolutionGold Medal + American Topical Association OFE Award
Ghouse Ali Zameer (India)Portuguese IndiaGold Medal
Ghouse Ali Zameer (India)Postal Stationery of British IndiaLarge Vermeil Medal


September 10 - September 12, 2021
Apratim Bhattacharya (USA)Inglorious Empire: Colonization of IndiaVermeil Medal + ISC Multi-frame Award
Carol Edholm (USA)Cancellations of India’s Madras Postal Circle Experimental Post Offices: An Introduction 1908-1971Large Vermeil Medal + Auxiliary Markings Club Award of Merit
Carol Edholm (USA)The Sacred PeafowlLarge Vermeil Medal + AAPE Gold Award of Honor
Sandeep Jaiswal (USA)The First Issue of JaipurLarge Gold Medal + Single Frame Grand Award + ISC One Frame Indian Princely States Award
Raj Rajan (USA)Saint Helena: Linchpin of the European East India CompaniesLarge Vermeil Medal
Raj Rajan (USA)1921-22 Royal Visit of the Prince of Wales to India: The Start of India’s Large Scale Disobedience MovementLarge Vermeil Medal + ISC One Frame India Award
Ravi Vora (USA)Indian Combination FrankingsCourt of Honor
John Warren (USA)North Borneo and the Malaya-Borneo Expedition of 1922Gold Medal
John Warren (USA)Indian State of Bundi: Sacred Cows Issues 1914-1942Large Vermeil Medal
John Warren (USA)The Stamped Court Fee Papers of the Indian State of BundiVermeil Medal + ISC Multi-frame Princely States Award