ISC Occasional Publications


Publication 1.1

In the beginning: Memories of the early days of the ISC Contributed by Dr Soli Contractor.


Publication 1.2

The fascination of Fiscals Contributed by Dr Allan Brown.


Publication 1.3

A Collecting Case Study: The Art of the Philatelic Story Contributed by Bruce Gillham.


Publication 2.1

The Appeal of Postal Stationery: Insights into the variation and development of early postal stationery Contributed by Eric Winter.


Publication 2.2

Getting Caught Like a Fish on a Hook: A Reflection on the Process by which we become Collectors and Philatelists Contributed by Bill Seaman.


Publication 2.3

Reclaiming the Raj? A Case Study pursued through the representation of Parliament House, New Delhi, Stamp Issues and Postmarks 1931-2007 Contributed by O.N. Heathcote.


Publication 3.1

A Man with his Head in the Clouds: Stephen Hector Smith took part in Rocketry and Aerial Philately in India from the 1920s to the 1940s Contributed by Gurbir Singh & Bruce Gillham.


Publication 3.2

An Earthquake hits STAMPEX 2018: Quetta 1935: Building an Exhibit from a Tragedy Contributed by Neil Donen.


Publication 3.3

When ISC went to India: Some Recollections: Soli Contractor, Allan Brown, Colin Brand, Peter Harrop and others.