The Handbook

The Handbook of Indian Philately is not one book, but rather a continuing series of publications that began in 1970. Each series is a reminder of the contemporary technical challenge that volunteers faced in getting small-scale publication to members.

Series 2 

  • Series 1 consists of 12 topics (plus an Introduction) published from 1970 to 1995 on loose A5 pages, which were added to and updated. They are now available free of charge to Members online
  • In 1996 a new perfect-bound format was developed, and Series 2 was initiated. It includes 4 perfect-bound volumes published from 1996 to 2001.
    • Indian Air Mails, Routes (1996)
    • Bombay Postal Circle, its Organisation and Numbered Obliterators 1875-77 (1998)
    • Soruth (1999)
    • Indian Air Mails Postage Rates until 1956 (2001)
  • Series 3 was only published by CD.

    an earlier title, since updated and still much in use