Study and Research

The India Study Circle for Philately is one of the world's leading research bodies when it comes to Indian Philately. 

A leading philatelic circle for many years

Studying the posts

Our Online Library

We have a world-class resource for students of the philately and postal history of India and the successor states. Our actual library stocks are kept in both the UK and the US. Nearly all our UK stock list is now online for Members’ use. Anywhere in the world they can download PDFs of the items they wish to read. We will be adding to the online list with items from the US library, as time permits. 

So, if you are not a Member, and you need the book, you will probably have to join us.

Here are the areas of current study.

  • Alwar and Sirmoor
  • Bundi
  • Bussahir
  • Cochin Numerals
  • Indore
  • Travancore and Travancore-Cochin - the adhesives

reversed view of the red Service overprint shown through the stamp

  • the Scinde Dawks, 
  • TPO's of the 1870’s, Ship Mail, Dead Letter Handling at the DLO, Mail Sorting in the IPO (various aspects), 
  • Victorian Postal Stationery, IPO and the ‘Convention States’, Revenue and Court Fee issues of Jodhpur, 
  • Indian PO Names (63,000+), 
  • Indian Government Revenue Stamps, and labels, issued officially or privately, locally, for publicity and charity, handstamps on official judicial and fiscal instruments’ 
  • Revising the Koeppel and Manners Revenue catalogues

The final aim of all projects is publication, as part of our 'Handbook of Indian Philately' or on paper in our journal, 'India Post'. The larger studies have been published in book format.