Bijawar and Travancore


BIJAWAR is a small Princely State in Central India - population 120,928 in the 1941 census. It did not issue stamps until 1935, so it must have coped satisfactorily up to then using British India stamps. This, and the fact that it issued its stamps both perforated and imperforate, leads me to suspect that these stamps were issued with an eye to the philatelic market. Does anyone have any of these stamps postally used (i.e. not cancelled to order)?


There are many overprint errors to be found on Travancore stamps.  The third stamp in this strip shows the "inverted O".  The name alone does not give much of a clue as to what it should look like.  The inverted O appears lower than the n in the option.  This is SG O43 and O43c.