A Cochin sheet



'The item is SG22, 2ps on 3ps. As far as I know this stamp got printed at the end of 1908 and the issue was postponed for 3-4 months during which period there was a reduction in postal rates from 3 to 2 pies.To meet the sudden requirement of 2 Pies stamps this issue was surcharged '2'. 

                      The surcharge was done by a local press and due to the hastiness in issuing these stamps there occurred some errors in surcharge, especially in position R-3/2. First, the printers omitted the surcharge on this position and later they corrected the error by applying a handstamp of the numeral '2' on position R-3/2. Out of these there exist two varieties of surcharge type: the first one was chronicled by Gibbons as their Type 7a.The second variety was, after a lengthy correspondence with Gibbons, listed by them as SG 22c.

                 I have with me a decent number of sheets of this issue and I'm doing some research work on this.'

Submitted by India Study Circle Member - George Varghese